7 Tips For Styling Your Coffee Table

A well styled coffee table is a good to look at coffee table. In modern homes, coffee tables are mandatory and the more effort you put in making your coffee table look good and stylish , the better your living room will look. Even your living room will appreciate your effort.

However, styling a coffee is not as easy as it sounds. You can either over style or under style it. It’s not difficult to style a coffee table either  but fret not, I’ve got you with some coffee table styling tips.


1. The Coffee Table

If you are going to style a coffee table, I bet you y$100 you are going to need a coffee table. *wink*

A lot of thought has to go to the perfect coffee table that will fit your space and your interior decor style.

Chances are, you would be better off investing in a rectangular or square coffee table as it will give you plenty of surface to work with.

Also, if you have a lot of stuff to display on your coffee table, you could go with a coffee table with two levels so as to avoid overcrowding your one level coffee table.


2. Color Scheme

After choosing your perfect coffee table, you might want to determine your color scheme. Your coffee table books will play a huge role on how everything turns out. For example, if you are into minimalist vibes or a black and white theme, black and white books will serve you better.

3. Candles galore!

If you love candles, scented candles especially, then this is your chance to show them off. Display them on a cute tray and don’t forget your color scheme.

4. A Coffee Table Tray

If you intend to display your candles or other small knick knacks, then you are definitely going to need a tray. You can use a round, oval, square or rectangular tray but it all depends on the shape of your table. If your table is rectangular, a round or square tray might do the trick.

5. Books, Books, Books

Books on a coffee table are very important. You can splurge on some decor books (like the Tom Ford book) and then incorporate with some cheaper thrifted finds. You can bring out your personal style with your books. For instance if you are a fashion lover, you can display some beautiful , hard cover fashion books.



6. Knick Knacks

Sourcing and styling your coffee table with knick knacks is the most fun part. You can pick your color scheme and run with it. You could shop around for knick knacks from stores that sell home decor stuff or display what you already have from your travels.


7. Items with different heights

Vases, flowers, long candles are just some of the items that can give you height. Arrange them neatly on a tray or directly on the coffee table and you are good to go. Just make sure not to overcrowd your coffee table.

Always feel free to play with your  coffee table styling arrangements from time to time.

Happy styling!

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