4 Kenyan Cookbooks that will Spice Up Your Kitchen

YouTube, Google and Pinterest are great for recipe inspiration but nothing can replace a good old cookbook. There’s something about a collection of recipes and dishes with gorgeous photos that you can hold on to like a magazine.

If you are new to the kitchen and you want to figure out how to start making your own meals or maybe you want to advance your culinary skills then we recommend you get a cookbook.

In no particular order, we have carefully picked out our favourite cookbooks available online and in hard copy.

My Planted Kitchen

The inspiring weight loss journey of Wanjiru Macharia, author of My Planted kitchen and a certified nutrition and wellness coach will not only challenge you to change your eating habits but also show you that your health and weight loss goals are achievable too with the right food.

Image courtesy of Wanjiru Macharia

This clean eating cookbook with more than 70 easy and delicious recipes will help you cultivate a healthier relationship with food and if you have been considering a plant based diet, this book will take you through the best foods and methods for preparing easy and exciting meals.

Image courtesy of Wanjiru Macharia

My planted kitchen will also guide you on how to get started on clean eating, how to clean up your kitchen and strategies to help you maintain clean eating.

Image courtesy of Wanjiru Macharia

Mandi Sarro

Self-taught foodie and YouTuber, Mandi Sarro has shared her passion for food and healthy living through her cookbook.

Image courtesy of Mandi Sarro
Image courtesy of Mandi Sarro

This book shares snack recipes, hacks, tools and all the delicious recipes that you may have seen on her social media platforms.

Image courtesy of Mandi Sarro

To the throwdown lovers, we recommend you get this Ebook.

Image courtesy of Mandi Sarro

Kaluhi’s Kitchen

Kaluhi’s cookbook, in My Kitchen shares her love affair with Kenyan food and recipes handed down from her mother to her but with her own touch and a modern feel to them.

This book will help you make traditional Kenyan dishes and show you that cooking can be an enjoyable experience too.

Image courtesy of Kaluhi’s Kitchen

The Charming Lonno Lodge Cookbook by Susan Wong

This eye-catching, colourful book cookbook explores the peaceful and quaint fishing village of Watamu through a collection of recipes from Lonno Lodge’s celebrated menu.

Image courtesy of The Charming Lonno Lodge, Watamu

The 200 page book samples simple starters to savoury staples to quintessential Kenyan dishes and even features some favourites that will surely impress your dinner guests.

Image courtesy of The Charming Lonno Lodge, Watamu

For the sea food lovers, this cookbook will be like a love letter to you, as it includes step by step instructions on how to prepare flavourful seafood that you may be afraid to try.

Image courtesy of The Charming Lonno Lodge, Watamu
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