10 coolest cowboy hats at The White Cap Brunch, Country Roads Edition-Thika

One thing that truly defines and evokes country music culture is the iconic cowboy hat. This high-crowned, wide-brimmed, gentlemanly headpiece, since time memorial, has stood the test of time and is still the signature attire of everyone who walks into a Country Music Festival no matter where you are in the world. It is also one piece that is worn by both men and women, without judgment.

According to the Wild Wild Western Wear, “In the early days, the cowboy hat was valued for being functional, with the wide brim protecting working cowboys from the sun and rain. It could be used to signal others, fan a campfire, or pull water out of a stream. Today, while the hats can still serve these purposes, most people wear them for aesthetic value as a part of Western lifestyle.”

Today, it is indeed easily one of the most recognized fashion statements for any country music fan. So it’s only natural to find yourself  in a sea of cowboy hats when you attend a Country music festival, as we did one Saturday when Kenya Breweries Limited, through its beer brand WhiteCap Lager, together with Media Personality Jeff Koinange, hosted a Country Roads Festival at the lush Thika greens golf resort.

Here are the 10 coolest cowboy hats we loved that stood out in Thika;

The event is just but one of the many planned across Kenya throughout the year. According to KBL Head of Beer, AnnJoy Muhoro, Country Roads is an exclusively fun filled event organized & hosted by Jeff Koinange to celebrate Country Music, which compliments WhiteCap’s brand character. Boasting of consistent quality, White Cap is unique and full of character. It is the connoisseur’s beer.


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