This design trend is perfect for socializing

Home decor trend - curves sofa 1

As someone who has an incredible soft spot for games night, I can’t tell you enough just how appropriate this new trend is.

Curved sofas are having quite the impact in the design world by offering customers a socially friendly option that invites conversations and interactions.

I have to admit, I’m just as guilty as the next guy when it comes to reaching for their phone one too many times, even in a social setting. So this type of décor will sure curb such habits!

Curved sofas for the win!

For a long time now, living rooms have been designed with the TV as the focal point but this new trend does the exact opposite – it promotes intimate interactions, softens the space and keeps everyone together. Not to mention adding an interesting architectural and design edge to your space.

Not only is the curved sofa ideal for socializing but it can also help maximize space in small rooms by providing a chic corner seat while making a statement.

Here are some of our favourite designs that will hopefully inspire you to adopt this new trend:

Home decor trend - curves sofa 6 Home decor trend - curves sofa 5 Home decor trend - curves sofa 4 Home decor trend - curves sofa 3 Home decor trend - curves sofa 2

So what do you think? Will you be upgrading your seats any time soon? Tweet us and let us know what you think of this new trend @cfmlifestyle

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