White Cap Brunch in Naivasha was a truly distinct affair

On the 8th day of creation, a beer with a taste of true distinction that always stands out from the crowd, said and declared, “Let there be brunch, because brunch is always a good idea.” This past weekend (Mashujaa day long weekend), White Cap Lager held a one of a kind delightful Brunch at Enashipai Resort & Spa- Naivasha, a resort offering sweeping views of the surrounding hills and lush tropical gardens, perfect for an occasion like this.

The weather was perfect with the light blue sky brilliantly showing off against the green scenery on the ground. It felt so picture perfect! This was the start of the what was going to be a boozy indulgent brunch on a leisurely Sunday afternoon. #BrunchWithWhiteCap truly delivered an exceptional dining experience … graciously in Naivasha against a beautiful green space, things we rarely see in Nairobi. The menu offered a wide range of delicious creations, rich and delicious coupled by an endless supply all afternoon of your favorite drink, White Cap Lager. Yes- there was an unlimited supply of White Cap lager.

A Boozy brunch is really the ideal Sunday plan- You don’t have anywhere to be until Monday, which means you can take your time and enjoy yourself. It’s also the only acceptable time of the week that diners can enjoy an alcoholic beverage before noon. Brunch is also the time of the week where we don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn, so why not have eggs at 12 o’clock?


DJ Leo of Capital FM was on the decks, with a smooth flow of music all afternoon playing nothing but the best with hits from the 80s’, 90’s and todays, as patrons and friends enjoyed a great time together. Brunch is always encouraged to be enjoyed with friends which means that meals are shared amongst the table and well in this way, it turns out being a good day for your group and you’ll slowly find yourself addicted to it.

Whoever said Brunch on the weekends is a thing of beauty never lied. #BrunchWithWhiteCap was indeed the best combination of great food, a sociable atmosphere, and a fun environment out of town.

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