Stephen Nyaga: Finding Beauty and Color in Everyday Life

Stephen Nyaga Hiram started painting a very young age and he always knew that he was going to be an artist. His father who worked in the art industry exposed him to paintings and drawings and he has not stopped ever since.

While he was in school, Stephen enrolled in a competition where he drew Lwanda Magere, a traditional warrior and his drawing was chosen as one of the best in the country. This affirmed his artistry and he decided to pursue art full time.

“When I wake up in the morning, I am inspired by beauty, colour and movement.”

Inspired by Norman Rockwell, Stephen’s close to perfect work is very unique, as he uses black and white to create eye striking drawings.

“My art journey took off after I graduated from college. I started my first job as an illustrator for different publishers and later on as an illustration artist for the United Nations.”

I was humbled and extremely motivated to continue painting when Safaricom featured my work in the 2019 calendar as one of the best artists in Kenya. The project #KenyaonCanvas, has given us artists a platform to showcase our work to the world and even share beautiful Kenyan stories.

You can find these beautiful done by Stephen Nyaga and other artists on This is My Kenya

Special thanks to Safaricom for creating the #KenyaonCanvas project that has not only motivated many upcoming artists to continue pursuing art but has also shared the work of talented Kenyan artists who previously did not have a platform to share and sell their work.

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