Ways To Make Statement Plants a Major Part of Your Home Decor


You don’t know the power of a gigantic plant placed strategically in a corner of your home, until you actually get a gigantic house plant and place it strategically in your home. Step back and see the amazing transformation that will have occurred in your own home!

True, giving your house a fresh coat of paint, or getting new furniture can give it a new lease of life, but have you ever thought of going the statement house plant way? Whenever I think of statement house plants I think of: Giant Fiddle Leaf Fig trees, Yucca plants, Majesty palms, Giant bird of paradise, growing Lemon tree,  just to mention but a few…

Most house plants/trees are low maintenance and if you are worried that you are a plant killer, then with these plants you will have nothing to worry about.

Below are a few tips on how to incorporate statement plants into your home successfully:

Determine the perfect room to place your statement plant

Look around your home/space and decide on which room you want to house your statement plant. It could be your living room, bedroom, common area, corridor, office , bathroom (depending on the size of course) etc.



While at it, decide on the spot you want your statement plant to go. Corner, next to the window, next to the fireplace, focal point of your house, smack in the middle of the room? You can play around with the placement of your statement plant.


Shop around for the exact plant you want in your space. Do your research on statement plants and decide on which one would suit your space.

Most plants will fit into any space but you will need to figure out whether some plants need to be near a natural light source or if they can thrive in a windowless corner.


Choose your strategic spot in the house.



Go big or go home!

Remember the trick is to go as big as possible or go home! We are trying to make a statement here.



There are other very low maintenance plant options like a gigantic cactus plant. See below


Instead of one huge plant, you could get several big plants and stack them together in a corner. If it suits your space and also if you’re about balancing the plants in your space, then go for it!


Get the right planter for your plant. Also, depending on where you are going to place your statement plant, your planter must be easy on the eye. You must invest in the right planter.

Plants are super beneficial!

Plants are known to absorb Carbon Dioxide and keep Oxygen flowing. They also purify the air by removing toxins, ease tension and lower stress levels as well as create a relaxed and happy ambience…just these properties allow you to kill several birds with one stone. That is, besides achieving a new look in your home, you get all the above-mentioned benefits of house plants among others that I have not listed and so with plants you get a Win-Win-Win situation!



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