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  1. golditberg October 25th, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    Turkana people, as a county and a tribe, should not whine later. The county should make sure the mining law is changed such that Turkana county own 16 to 20 percent of A shares of the company mining in its county boundaries. Fore each resource, 20% class A shares means they earn not only revenue coming in, but also value of the company itself. Turkana tribe and county should never whine about getting conned 10 years from now because they will look very childish. Turkana should act now, and act fast, and act bold. The oil and water is property of Turkana, shared with Kenyans.

    And at least 60 percent of all oil is processed in the county, and at least 16 percent of the oil remains in the county, property of the county.

    Mombasa port earnings will first go through Mombasa as a county, then to Gov. Turkana County should not sleep now.

    Turkana should know it is fresh, and has no baggage. Mining Deals ratified without Turkana County benefiting as required by its by-laws, laws that can change in the future, are null and void.


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