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  1. Progress October 21st, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    Queval said MONUSCO could resort to military force if talks broke down.

    —This seems the way to go, history has shown that oppressive head of state as Kagame only seems to understand force. I said dislodge M23 in Rutshuru and the border with Rwanda and Uganda from where they get supply and for a professional and strong army and keep monitoring the borders with Rwanda and Uganda. The Kampala negotiations are a farce, if they were serious they should have been held in a neutral location Uganda and Rwanda can not be supplying and supporting M23 and holding negotiations at the same time. Congo Army and MONUSCO get ready to fight M23 and their Rwandan Army backers if needed then be ready to control borders with Rwanda and Uganda, the cycle of impunity should stop.


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