Five Spontaneous Gift Ideas For Your Friend This International Day of Friendship

There’s an old saying that goes “Friends are the family that you get to choose for yourself.”

World Friendship Day, celebrated on 30th July, is a day we get to celebrate our friends. Those who have been there for us through good times, tough times and most importantly those you can rely on.

As we grow older, some friendships naturally fade, others have an expiration date, others become toxic and we have to let them go. Either way, as you grow older the number of your friends is bound to shrink.

This friendship day, show the legends who have stood by you and stuck around that you truly appreciate them, that you are honoured to have them in your life and make them feel extra special with these five spontaneous gifts.

1. Box of Chocolate

Instead of simply calling your friend to tell them you appreciate them, make their day a little bit brighter and sweeter by sending them a box of chocolate to celebrate your spacial bond.

There’s so much chocolate goodness in this Cadbury hamper and if your friend is obsessed with chocolate then this is the just the perfect gift.

Don’t be shy to keep one for yourself too.

2. Something Customised

Customised gifts make the best gifts because they add that personal touch and uniqueness to them. This is the one way you can knock your gift-giving out of the park and with a little (or a lot of) thought and creativity you can come up with something personal for that special someone in your life.

Find a gift that speaks to them personally like a customised lens cup from The Gift Shoppe for your friend who loves photography.

A customised bottle of their favourite drink and show to let them know that you care about what makes them unique.

3. Bouquet of Flowers

Cliché yet classic! Add a fresh bouquet of flowers to that box of chocolate and send them to your friend.

The trick with flowers is to make sure you know what kind they like before sending them.

4. Gift Cards

You have to agree that some friends are harder to shop for than others. What do you get someone who doesn’t like chocolate or flowers? A customised card by Kadi Zetu with a message that speaks directly to their soul is not just a gift but a gesture of your appreciation.

How many times have you had a hard time telling someone exactly how you feel about them? Put your thoughts together and pour your heart into a card.

5. Think Cards

Not everyone who comes in your life will actually make space for you in their heart and vice versa. When you find someone who chooses to make that space an amazing friendship and an everlasting is born.

Get a pack of these cards from Think Cards and take you and your friend on a discovery journey with these thought provoking questions.

These cards are perfect ice breakers and they can help you start deep and meaningful conversations with a long lost friend.

Happy shopping!!!

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