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  1. indsn October 15th, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    ODM attempted to influence results by trying to leave out key results from Central,
    ODM campaigned on a tribal basis against the Kikuyu community and possible leadership.
    ODM planned to take over power by other means in case they lost according to ICC.
    ODM ordered for the violence against Kikuyu once results did not favour them.
    ODM had close cooperation with Mungiki before, during and after the PEV.
    ODM was headed by Raila.
    ODM cooperated with Mungiki during 2013 election campaigns.
    ODM planed to swear in Raila at Uhuru park claiming he was the people’s president.
    ODM tried to hold Kenya at ransom.
    It is highly probable that ODM selected witnesses for the ICC.
    All these are important factors in the PEV and finding those most responsible for it.

    Shielding anyone for whatever reason does not help the situation or victims.
    If Raila were to be put on defence for his leading role in the violence this would change the dynamics of the current cases and perhaps lead to more cooperation.


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