How to style your Bookshelf

It’s a bookshelf, so it should contain only books!, said absolutely no one ever! Let’s face it, bare walls can be boring and chances are, if you live in a rented house, your landlord does not allow nails of any sort on his walls because nails = part of your deposit gone! In such a situation, you have to think of other ways to make your house lively and stylish without losing your deposit.

Bookshelves are a huge focal point in a room. They are a great way to create a functional and balanced display by highlighting your favorite treasures.

Bookshelves will serve you even better if you have decor items to display and you care less for  books.


Achieving the perfect styled bookshelf is where the problem arises. But fret not! I got you!

Here are a few tips to help you style your bookshelf:


  1. Gather everything you would like to display on your bookshelf. These could be : Books, Plants, Vases, Frames, Boxes, Cute Bottles, Trays, Candles, Orbs , Geodes, Baskets, Little trinkets from your travels…


2. From the items gathered,  randomly pick up the biggest items and place them in the shelf at random.


3. Stack up a few of your favorite coffee table books and magazines. Place some vertically and some horizontally. Introduce creative Book Ends to hold the vertically displayed books in place.



4. Add frames and framed artwork or a special photo. Feel free to stack the smaller frames on top of the horizontally displayed books.

5. Create groupings with your metallic orbs,  vases and other objects and play around with placement on the shelf.  Take height into consideration and distribute and vary  the heights of the vases and other objects accordingly.



6. Find the perfect balance and keep moving things around until you are satisfied with the overall look. Remember to spread out your items based on their material. For example, don’t heap all your gold items on one shelf. Instead, spread them out onto different compartments. It is also ok to add or remove some items. You could always rearrange and give your shelf a new look every now and then. It’s allowed.




BONUS TIP: Remember to space out your items accordingly.




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