How Njoroge is Conserving Wildlife Through Art | This Is My Kenya

From presidents’ houses to conservation foundations across the country. Daniel Njoroge is a pioneer of not only African art but Kenyan wildlife conservation. Preserving our depleting big five through detailed canvases and compositions, this humble man from Meru has been able to stay relevant in the ever-migrating art world.


With the newest edition of Forbes magazine putting the top billionaires (like Jay-Zs $493 million-dollar art collection) as art collectors and investors, a major shift since 1984 when Daniel Njoroge was just starting out is noticeable. Through foreign buyers and collaborations, Mr Njoroge has managed to build a prominent name for himself while perfecting his mark through color.


Kenya is just waking up to the value of art. When speaking to Mr Njoroge a message he drives home is one of protection and inclusivity because “artists need to come together to have a voice.” There has been a huge support and backing in the music industry, cooperation are throwing money at the film industry, fashion is taken more seriously but what is happening to our art? “In music they have been given a platform to protect their craft. We need the same for art” says Mr Njoroge.


From pencil to charcoal, watercolor to acrylic Mr Njoroge has grown as an artist by taking risks in order to open doors for other to scared to act. Quitting his job in 1984 and jumping into his first exhibition at the new Stanley where he did not know if he could “make money through [his] art work.” From finding strength and confidence to be an artist especially in a country where every parent wants a doctor, lawyer or politician for a child, people like Daniel Njoroge stay true to their craft and their path allowing it to speak for itself when the canvas is complete.


Mr Njoroge leaves us the fundamental understanding that “when you paint that animal, you’re conserving that animal.” Future art collectors, when you buy that painting, you’re conserving that artist. You’re conserving their journey, history and you’re creating a future that’s a little more brighter.

Through the ‘This Is My Kenya’ campaign we have a chance to celebrate our country through the eyes of gifted Kenyan artists. A chance to explore our beauty, wildlife, love, aspirations, hope and laughter. By simply clicking on This Is My Kenya you get a chance to support Njoroge and many other very talented Kenyans. Let us come together and celebrate our diversity through Kenyan art. Twaweza.

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