Wine, Cheese and The Great Rift Valley Viewpoint

Mondays are not that bad after all. I know you think I sound crazy right? But I kid you not. Picture this. It’s the first day of the week, and you happen to get a call that totally changes how your day will turn out  and who are you/ or for that matter, who am I to say no, to a day of pure awesomeness.

Last week, together with Yummy Magazine and Brown’s Cheese, I was whisked away to The Great Rift Valley Viewpoint, to sprawl out and soak up in the summer rays and views and most importantly to enjoy lots of wine and cheese in the name of chasing away our Monday blues.

How many times have you driven past the Nairobi Naivasha Highway and thought hmmm the Great Rift Valley viewpoint would be such an epic site for a picnic? Right in front of my eyes, was a picturesque site of beautiful large vast lands and beyond, green patches of vegetation far and beyond and an even Instagram worthy spectacular site of mountains in the vicinity reminding of  us that indeed, we live in beautiful Magical Kenya.

Brown’s Cheese, a Top 100 small and medium-sized family-owned cheese enterprise in Tigoni, laid out an appetizing Wine & cheese spread right at the viewpoint. Our hosts selected an assortment of top-quality cheese from their Tigoni farm to enhance our pairing experience. Never seen so much delicious looking and tasting cheese in my life. I was in Cheese land. To quench our thirsts, there was plenty of wine to be accompanied with the pairing and thus highlighting the flavors more clearly. It was midday but as you know and will allow me to say this, its always 5 0’clock somewhere around the world and certainly the view point’s GMT wasn’t any different (in our minds).

Most wine lovers will admit and right fully so, that this perfect cheese pairing is a match made in Heaven! Wine and cheese are simply two of life’s great culinary pleasures and finding the perfect match can be a delicious endeavor amidst a backdrop of one of Kenya’s finest landscapes on a beautiful Monday Midday.

Wine and cheese pairing possibilities are endless, if one must list them down. But key to note is that a good pairing is supposed to be enjoyed and meant to be pleasurable. Infact it’s an art so you might even find that breaking the so-called “rules” can most times, produce an excellent pairing.

Here are 6 simple ‘rules’ that can guide you through a wine and cheese pairing picnic.

You will never go wrong with having crackers.

One of the most important delights you can never go without is French Baguette. Together with crackers, they go hand in hand with cheese. They don’t clash/ overpower the cheese or the wine.

Always serve each wine at the proper temperature in order to bring out the nuanced flavors. You will enjoy the wine when chilled.

Cheddar is one of the most popular selections for wine and cheese picnics.

Have some fresh fruits too, to help cleanse your palates during the servings. This truly comes in handy.

Lats but not least, make sure you have great company- people who bright laughter and smiles to the table. Wine and Cheese without great company is a sad affair that you dont want to imagine.

Never dislike Monday. You know why? When you treat it fine, it will treat you fine too like it did for me.

Exceptional wine & great cheese are one of those combinations that make life worth living. Never miss a chance to indulge in this pairing. I mean who doesn’t like a fancy outing?

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