Home Library: The one sure way to cozy up your home

Marcus hit the nail on the head when he said, “A home without books is like a body without soul”. Every house must have books and if it doesn’t, is it even a house?

Books are valuable items  and will always have something to offer you (whether you  read them or not). For instance, you can use them to decorate and cozy up your space because their array of colors , their shape and different sizes makes them the best accessories to have in your home to create the perfect home library. So why not use them to not only decorate your space but also create the perfect home library of your dreams?

TIP: Books will always add subtle color to any space. Have fun arranging your favorite books on your wall to wall shelves.

Thinking of styling your very own home library? Here’s what you will need:

*Your collection of books

*Bookcases or wall shelves


*Great lighting

*Other styling accessories

*A desk and a ladder (These two are optional)



TIP: For the perfect wall shelf which could also act as your main feature wall, make sure to display books, vases, pictures and other knick-knacks in a neat, stylish way.

TIP: Combine books and magazines to give variety of height.

TIP: Choose the perfect spot for your bookshelf. A strategically placed bookshelf with beautiful books displayed will always make for a conversation-starter whenever you have guests.



TIP: Ensure that the rest of your space is kept looking simple so that your colorful books displayed can stand out more.


TIP: Color code your books for a much organized and chic look.


Enjoy your now cozy, beautiful space courtesy of your home library! Enjoy your body full of soul!




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