Lusala Premiers At Nairobi Film Festival

Thursday 6th June 2019, Lusala a Ginger Ink Film premiered at the Nairobi Film festival.

The film starring Brian Ogola, Stycie Waweru, Alyce Wangari, Mkamzee Mwatela and Alan Oyugi tells the story of a young man rescued from his upcountry abusive home. He moves in with an affluent Nairobi family and years later, he is forced to leave the nest and start out life on his own. It’s not until then he starts to deal with issues from his past.

“Creating Lusala has been an incredible experience for me. I hope to see more collaboration in the Kenyan film industry because if we’re not working together, we’ll be working for someone else. The Lusala cast had a majority female crew and I have enjoyed every little bit especially working with the entire team, said the casting director, Jenny Muigai.

The movie highlights the plight and stigmatisation of mental health as Brian Ogola who plays the character Lusala, is taken in by a well-off family and is seemingly normal but his past haunts him as he continues to feel like the outsider of the family.

This movie is a must watch as Nairobi Film Festival continues to show the best made Kenyan films.

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