8 Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthier

COFFEE: Bae for some, Yuck for some and a beverage of obsession for some. I mean, have you heard the phrase “But first … COFFEE!”?  Yes, some people take their coffee-drinking habits very seriously. That is why coffee is the most popular beverage in the world among adults. This article will be beneficial for those obsessed with the beverage because we all know, coffee can be good and bad at the same time but the latter will depend on how you consume it.

Some people hear the word Antioxidant and coffee comes to mind. So we can confidently argue that coffee is healthy.

So here are some tips on how to turn your coffee from healthy to super healthy.

1.Choose a quality brand of coffee, preferably Organic

It is normal for coffee beans to be sprayed with synthetic pesticides and other chemicals not intended for human consumption. Therefore the quality of coffee can vary greatly depending on the processing method and how the coffee was grown.

If at all you are worried about consuming pesticides and chemicals, then turning to quality, organic coffee could be a good option. Organic coffee contains lower amounts of these synthetic pesticides.

2.Brew your coffee using a paper filter

Cafestol is a diterpene that is found in coffee. Cafestol is known to raise cholesterol in the blood. The quantity of this cafestol can however be reduced by using a coffee paper filter. The paper filter will effectively lower the amount of cafestol but still lets the caffeine and other beneficial antioxidants pass through.

3.Do not load your coffee with sugar

We all know that sugar is bad for health. Too much sugar is arguably one of the worst ingredients in our modern diet.

Sugar contains a large amount of Fructose which is linked to serious diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Coffee is healthy in itself but loading it with sugar easily makes it harmful to health. If you must have sugar in your coffee, then make sure it’s very little sugar.

4.Avoid low fat and artificial creamers

Most, if not all commercial low-fat and artificial creamers are highly processed and with some ingredients you might not understand.

We all know that whole, natural foods are always the better option hence full-fat cream from grass-fed cows is a way healthier option than using artificial creamers.

Natural milk products contain important nutrients like calcium which may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Grass-fed cows’ milk contains vitamin K which is linked to improved bone health.

So, if you have to choose between non-dairy creamers and whole milk or cream, choose the healthier option.

5.Limit your Coffee intake to a healthy amount

Indulging in a cup of coffee in moderation is always a good idea and it has a lot of health benefits . But overindulging in coffee can reduce and undo all these benefits.

For example, excessive caffeine intake may raise blood pressure, cause insomnia, bring about indigestion, may cause miscarriages among other side effects. But it is also important to note that people’s sensitivities vary.

How much coffee should you consume? Health Canada recommends not exceeding 1.1 mg per pound (2.5 mg per kg) of body weight per day.

An average cup of coffee may contain around 95 mg of caffeine, this corresponds to about two cups of coffee per day for someone weighing 176 pounds (80 kg)

Although, much higher amounts of caffeine (400–600 mg) per day (about 4–6 cups) are not associated with any adverse side effects in most people, it is good to note that drinking coffee is all about balancing its risks and benefits. Only drink what your body can tolerate.

6.No caffeine after 3 pm

Coffee is a natural source of caffeine and as we all know, caffeine is a stimulant. This is possibly the only reason coffee is a popular beverage the world over among adults. I mean, who doesn’t want that jolt of energy to help keep you awake when fatigue checks in?

Knowing this about coffee, then we should also know that taking the beverage late in the day can interfere with our sleep, and we all know that poor sleep is associated with all sorts of health problems.

To improve the quality of your sleep, make 3-4pm your coffee drinking cut off time. And if you must drink something after the cut off time then tea or decaf coffee should be an option.

7.Add Cinnamon to your coffee

Cinnamon does not only smell and taste amazing; it also happens to mix particularly well with the flavor of coffee. If you just happen to like the two (coffee and cinnamon) then you’re in for a treat. If not, then just give it a try. Why? Because studies have shown that cinnamon can help lower cholesterol, blood glucose and triglycerides in diabetics… combine that with the goodness of coffee and you have a very delicious-tasting cup of goodness that could improve your health.

8.Add some cocoa to your coffee

Add a dash of cocoa powder to your coffee to add some flavor but also to gain some health benefits.

Cocoa is loaded with antioxidants which are beneficial for reducing health risks including risk of heart attack. Combine these benefits from these two ingredients and you have a much healthier beverage. Think of a delicious cup of homemade cafe mocha.(Homemade because you can skip the added sugar which is really bad for your health.)

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