Celebrating International Coaching Week 2019 With Susan Ngula

As the world celebrates International Coaching Week, we caught up with Susan Ngula, the President of International Coach Federation Kenya who demystified the perceptions and myths about coaching and highlighted the broader benefits of working with a professional coach.

Coaching has been deemed to be a mysterious and expensive process that is mostly for the elite and top leadership. In the interview Susan sheds light on how coaching can benefit individuals at all levels and help raise self awareness and provide an appreciation for personal goals.

“Coaching is a gift that you give to yourself. It’s an opportunity and a safe space for you to talk, express yourself, explore and reach your awareness. I believe everybody can benefit from having that safe space.

Research shows that employees who have gone through coaching are 80% more engaged in comparison to those who have not. Coaching also helps employees bridge the gap between personal and organisation goals by ensuring that personal goals are met as the individual meets the organisation’s goals,” she said.

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