Nairobi Japan Food Festival


The idea of fusing Japanese ingredients with local Kenyan dishes is an absolutely delicious synergy of flavors. From the kombu tsuyu flavored meat roll ups to the Japanese bean curry with avocado and cheesy mukimo, the starter and main were an incredible ksh. 800. and money well spent.



Local produce, with international flare come together to bring a real treat to taste. The garden salad with fried tofu & wasabi mayonnaise, is deemed perfect for the vegetarians indulging in the menu. Meanwhile, meat lovers enjoyed the choma chicken we’ve grown up loving with a unique and delicious bacon mash twist.



The skillfully concocted dishes created by chef Lesiamon Ole Semple mixed with S&B Foods products work so well together to the point where we as Kenyans need them in our pantries. Indulging in the nostalgia of the meal, it is elevated by the ambience of Nyama Mamas aesthetics.



The attention to details, from the light fixtures to the material used on the cushion create this rustic Kenyan narrative that isn’t seen in other restaurants.



Picture your normal everyday meals, items you see in your kitchen everyday. Now picture them in Nyama Mama kitchen but with a tasty modern twist! That’s Nyama Mama for you.



I had the best experience here from the food to the wait staff services. Savoured the entire experience and menu (telling anyone who listened to make sure they went). Washed it down with their refreshing tree tomato juice, glass of wine and water (asked the chef for the perfect pairing). Safe to say that I will never ever look at beans and mokimo the same way. Mamas sharing platters and signature cocktails served in iconic metal Vikombe are also a delicious must try.



Awaken your adolescence at Nyama Mama by taking your pallet back to your childhood favourites. Comfy home-style dishes, plated and elevated with a contemporary finesse.


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