8 Inspiring Decor Ideas to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

To satisfy your constant dream of touring the world, you need to start visiting various places and see the nature, culture, and all manner of memories. But before you can travel, you can start building the motivation right inside your house. You also need to bring the reality close to the eye to increase your desires to fill that empty space of your heart yearning to meet the world and its adventures.

Various internal decor ideas will boost your desires and build your dreams until they come true. You can only fulfil your wanderlust when you plan and prepare yourself, then finally you go out there to explore the cities and the historical sites you have dreamed of.

You also build yourself for any adventurous experiences like hiking, caving, and canoeing in a faraway village, away from your homeland. Whatever your goals are, we help you to achieve them with these wonderful tips rotating around your home.

Here are the 8 things in decor that will boot and help you satisfy your travel desires.

  1. Remind Yourself of Travelling Time

Travelling is inevitable, and you need to always remind yourself of your desire to visit various cities. Whether you are dreaming to go to Bangkok, or Sydney, or New Vascular, you should put your top cities always on the priority with the use of clocks. Simple clocks will suffice your needs.

When you go shopping for clocks for your house, take note of how many you will need. Maybe one in the master bedroom, another in the hallway, one in the kitchen, etc. Remember to put a wall or table clock everywhere. The only place you can give it a miss is in the bathroom.

Mark each clock with a unique city name that you are planning to visit and set the time to read the local time of that city. Whenever you look at the clock, you will remember it is time to go for a sunbath or your adventure. It will motivate you to work hard to go to the city.


2. Use Travel Guides for Decorating Your Dressing Room

Whether you just partitioned your bedroom to create a separate room for dressing or you have a dedicated changing room, making it visually appealing requires some work. Let us say you have a wardrobe on one end of the room and the other side is leading to the hallway or bedroom, you still have two walls to work on.

Use one wall for travel guides so that you will always remember that you need to visit the destination. The other side, of course, is dedicated for a lighted mirror so that you can dress up and ensure you are neat before going out.


3. Get a Sticker with Names of Places for Your Living Room

Large maps and stickers can decorate your sitting room and bring the amazing imagery of the various cities and countries you wish to visit close to you.  If you choose to use a world map, choose one with cool colours, for example, a satellite map or colours depicting the same.

Seeing the amazing features like mountains, valleys, rivers, oceans makes the world closer, and you can easily pack and leave to fulfil that wanderlust you have held for long.


4. Dream of Travelling and Live the Dream

Maybe not really the correct translation, but bringing your intentions of travelling close to reality can happen in your bed. Get pillows made of the maps of various countries you wish to visit. They will remind you of the plans every evening as you go to bed and every morning when you wake up.

Reminders have an impact on our intentions, behaviours, and actions. Reminding yourself of your travel plans before sleeping and immediately you wake up will build up your intentions and plan for your adventure to make the dream come true.


5. Get a Scratch Map for Your Table Mat

A scratch map is a map you can “scratch” off the places to have been to. It is an interactive way of identifying keeping record of the countries you have been to and where you need to visit soon. By employing this method, you will want to travel more so that you can scratch more.


6. Get an Inspiring Illuminated Globe

Everybody has or wants to buy a globe for their homes. Why not get an illuminated one to inspire your wanderlust? This type of globe has lights that mimic the lighting systems in various cities around the world, giving you the desire to visit and see for yourself.


7. Use Your Travel Suitcase as a Cabinet

No. It is not about being poor, but creative. We know that you can call a garage door repair service to fix your car parking door and other electric doors at home. But Who needs to repair old items in the house like a suitcase or a broken analogue TV that is not supported any longer? Using the old suitcase as a cabinet in your bedroom can keep your travel memories and rekindle your travelling desires.


8. Butterfly Bucket List for Travel Destinations

Get a jar and some pieces of paper. Write your travel needs, goals, and desire for each city to which you want to make a trip. Fold the pieces of paper into small butterflies and mark them, then pin them to the wall. For each travel goal you meet, you pluck off the butterfly and put it in the jar. This will inspire your travel dreams as it makes your house looks beautiful.


Author Bio:

Ross Geller is a working Designer and a passionate writer. He enjoys writing about the latest home decor and lifestyle trends all around the globe.Through his writing, he hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful home and space.

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