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  1. golo konchoro September 19th, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    The area Governor is entire to blame in terms of employment opportunities where county jobs are advertised for public relations purposes and yet he instructs his sister Adho Halkama the chairperson person of the county public service board to tailor the interview in favor of his relatives and cronies. A special case in hand that needs investigation, is where he employed a wife and husband in the county. For contract he must be further investigated for granting only his very close relatives among them boku Gufu and shaga Doko among others. The county assembly reject his appointments of the county executives, this is a positive move by the county assembly to play their roles of checks and balance, if not properly checked ukur yatani can easily sink the county. He has literary taken resources devolment to benefit himself at the expense of the majority. County assembly members stamp your foot to stop the Governor from misusing his office. Watch the pending interviews of sub-county administrators of which interviews are to be conducted and the governor is set to appoint Jalla Elema to one the sub county, if so the why advertise the position. Watch in one of the ward administrators position which was re advertised and the interview is yet to be done, the governor is set to take Guyo Hursa, the why advertise. The County assembly need to watch this and correct the mess.

  2. golo konchoro September 20th, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    In reference to the public relation advertisement and interviews by the county public service board chaired by the governor`s close relative take note that, for one the post of deputy sub county administrator the governor has told the chairlady to position Diko Fora hence why waist other applicants time and resources while the board members are used to rubber stamp the will of the governor instead of a fair competition to get the best to serve the county. Will there be any equal opportunities in MBT county with this character at the helm to bring any harmony in the county.


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