Sexy Drip | Kenya’s Lola Hannigan’s swim/beach wear collection

Zefrosa’s swim/ beach wear collection at FHT 2019 was a show stopper at Fashion High Tea 2019. Months on, and we are still in awe of the gorgeous designs and the fine body structures that strut on the runway.  The gorgeous and beautiful Lola Hannigan is the name behind the brand, Zefrosa, a Greek word meaning ‘the wind blows towards the west’.

Zefrosa’s idea is to wear a swimsuit or beach wear that makes you feel like you. You should feel confident, beautiful, comfortable, whether you’re in the pool, on the sand, or anywhere else under the sun.

On her decision to do a swim/ beach wear collection, Lola, a former tv personality, model and now entrepreneur, says she wanted to challenge herself and be different, because its not everyday you hear someone is designing a swim wear collection and she wanted to create “something new, fresh and exciting.” She is actually the only one currently in Kenya fully concentrated on swim wears.

Zefyros is inspired by the movement of water – and this Collection during Fashion High Tea 2019 at Zen Garden, was in line with everything sandy beaches and salty air.


Lola Hannigan (second right) together with her models on the runway at Fashion High Tea 2019, Zen Garden.

For those of you jetting off on a tropical holiday vacation or are simply dreaming of warmer days to come, you’re welcome.

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