5 Chic ideas for styling your nursery


There’s nothing more exciting than preparing for your new bundle of joy! But the truth is, that process can also be equally as daunting.

If you’re having a boy, does that mean you should paint every single wall blue? What about storing their little shoes – where do those go? And what happens when they’re a little older – do you have to replace all the pieces to suit their new needs?

The truth is, decorating a nursery doesn’t have to be any less exciting than it was styling the rest of your home!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Must be Multipurpose

The truth of the matter is that your baby is going to grow out of certain pieces (and we’re not just talking about clothes here) very quickly. So allowing their room to grow with them will save you a lot of time, money and effort. For instance, the little bookshelf could be styled with cute stuffed animals and jute bins that store his/her shoes or diapers to begin with. But once they’re a little older, you could replace those with her favourite books, her latest artwork and stationery! Look for pieces that have several functions.

Neutral Palettes

Try and fight the urge to paint and decorate the whole room pink or blue, depending on whether it’s a boy or girl. Trust me, you’ll thank me later! Not only do neutral colours allow the room to ooze sophistication but they also help to open up the space which is ideal if you’re working with a small nursery. Feel free to bring in the colour through other pieces such as artwork, pillows, perhaps even a bold accent wall. This also helps if you’re planning on having several kids and would like to re-use some of the pieces that would suit any gender.

Consider storage

You’ll soon find out that storage is everything when it comes to a nursery! Some useful tips would be to use wall storage if floor space is limited, embrace simple glass jars to store hair accessories or pacifiers, and finally cute little baskets or boxes to store all the toys when not in use. It’s important that the room doesn’t feel cluttered to allow your child room to play and grow without it all getting too messy.

Embrace Some Glam

Even though we’re dealing with a nursery, we can still introduce glam accents like beautiful metals such as rose gold (perfect for a girl’s room) or brass (ideal for boys) and gorgeous mirrors to reflect light. Another great tip would be to replace colour with pattern so that it doesn’t end up looking like a circus but more like a sophisticated, yet practical, baby’s room. If you’re feeling very fancy, consider also getting furniture with reflective/mirrored qualities as that really makes any room look more chic.

Should be Adult-Friendly

Finally, in as much as you’d like to only have miniature furniture to fit your baby’s needs, you’re probably going to end up spending a good amount of time in there too. So try get a cozy bench or chair that you can use while spending time with your baby, but also one that they can grow into. This will help make the room feel more wholesome too.


Happy styling!

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