Our Favorite Vendors from the Savannah Space Street Fair

If you missed the second edition of the Savannah Street Fair, fret not. Here are some of our favourite vendors from the fair.

Riko Love Crafts

“I started making cards with my grandmother when I was a little girl and I have treasured that to this day. Life is already hard enough and having something that reminds you to keep smiling is what inspires me to write these messages.

You do not need a special day to remind someone that they’re special. Delivering messages to clients that brighten their day is what keeps us going, said Martina, founder of Riko Love.

Simply SOSO Design

All the way from Kilifi, Soso create functional products for daily use, home organisation and improvement all from locally available, up-cycled materials.

Some of these products include throws, kimonos and organising crates.

Kimberly Gomes

Kimberly is an artist, designer, painter and illustrator whose work is a combination of her education, training and experiences which allow her perspective as an artist to remain traditional yet contemporary.

This popular piece at the Savannah Street Fair was inspired by African culture and empowerment of women through culture.

Tira Studio

Tira studio is your go-to place for ergonomically designed and practical furniture. “We use sustainable wood as well as steel products that can virtually last forever to create custom office and home furniture,” said Wamuyu, founder of Tira Studio.

A Series Inspired 

What Kind of spoon are you?

  1. Seasonal cooker
  2. NOT your average chef
  3. I make it to the kitchen … once in a while

Series inspired will give you serious inspo to get you cooking.

Ornate & things

These perfectly imperfect flowerpots made from recycled clothing are earth friendly and will add character to your garden.

Skeey Decors

“Anything rustic and everything rustic to make a space beautiful,” said Tutsy from Skeey Decors.

New Space 

These cozy polyester pillows with custom messages will add a personal touch to your space that you’ll love.

Love Artisan

Love Artisan will inject colour into your home with their contemporary African furniture.


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