Kasha, an eCommerce store by women for women, set for launch in Kenya

A fascinating one of a kind eCommerce platform targeted at women, is about to enter the Kenya online shopping space, which has recently attracted increased activity. Aptly named Kasha (after the CEO’s daughter), which sells healthcare products exclusively to women, is set to revolutionize the industry in the next few weeks.

Founded by Joanna Bichsel and Amanda Arch, two women who are passionate about building a business that makes life easier for women, it is an online platform for women to get their beauty, health and personal care products that they need, through basic phones, smartphone applications, and a website.

Women are increasingly more reliant on the internet to make purchases, while men still prefer bricks and mortar, according to a 2018 survey from First Insight. Female shoppers don’t necessarily feel the need to go to stores any more and would rather shop online from the comfort of their homes/ offices.

Kasha wants to make it easier for women to access these items quickly and confidentially and discreetly and for all women to have access to the products and information they need to care for themselves and reach their full potential online.

According to a joint report in 2018 by Communications Authority of Kenya and the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, about 27% sold their products online. This is fueled by the success of mobile payment platforms success as M-Pesa, M-Shwari and M-kopa.


Through https://www.kasha.co.ke/ it will provide a confidential purchasing and discrete delivery experience and is built to be widely accessible, without requiring internet access or smartphone to browse through products, order, pay and get genuine quality products delivered.

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