Caroline Mutoko’s brand new lipstick line, now in stores

Media personality Caroline Mutoko

From radio queen to popular vlogger and now, ladies, here comes a brand-new Caroline Mutoko, the business entrepreneur. As of today, you can walk into your favorite Nairobi beauty store and get yourself the newest addition to the lipstick family, ‘I AM’ a product by seasoned career broadcaster Caroline Mutoko, who has teamed up with Pauline Cosmetics to create this product.

They come in four beautifully designed, packaged and perfect color selection leaving your lips feeling comfortable and lasts for 8 hours and most importantly, works with every skin tone.

Pauline Cosmetics is a local cosmetic company that provides make-up products created specifically for the African woman. Founder and CEO Nelly Tuikong says, “Lipstick is our number one seller, we are happy to cater to the African woman who wants different shades on her lips.”

The The ‘IAM’ Lipstick.

Caroline made the announcement over the weekend on social media with snippets of her wearing the brand.

The ‘IAM’ lipstick is a limited-edition lipstick and as shared on her Instagram page, “it’s for the fierce boss lady who never stopped being a girl, it’s for the lady who still wants to bring style and glamour to the boardroom, it’s for the woman who is still ‘becoming’ and for that super woman who is doing it all but still cares for how she looks.”

Media personality Caroline Mutoko

The beauty and personal care industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Kenya having grown by 400 percent in four years from Sh 26 billion in 2011 to over Sh 100 billion in 2015, according to KPMG estimates.

According to a recent article in one of the dailies, “ quite a number of Kenyan women spend over Sh20,000 a month to buy face products starting from moisturizer and primer, sunscreen, then foundation and concealer, eye pencil or eyebrow pomade, eyeliner or mascara, lipstick and lastly blush powder.”

Caroline joins a growing list of celebrities who have stepped into the cosmetics line industry, whether it’s their own or an alliance with a famous brand. These include Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Drew Barrymore, Victoria Beckham, Eva Mendez and locally, Huddah Monroe (photos courtesy of Caroline Mutoko).

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