Kanye West once paid his wife, Kim $1 million not to promote another brand

Reality TV Superstar Kim Kardashian West has revealed husband Kanye West wrote her a cheque for $1 million in a bid to stop her promoting another brand. In a newly published interview in the New York Times, Kim reveals that when a fast fashion line offered her $1 million for a single Instagram post, Kanye urged her not to do it, saying, “These companies knock off my stuff.” So Kim turned it down. As a thank you, on Mother’s Day, Kanye gave her $1 million himself. “He wrote me a check for that amount and said ‘Thank you so much for always being supportive and not posting,’” she said.

This is not the first time she has turned down an offer like this. Kim said she turns down more offers than she accepts.

Kim recently went on a rant about fast fashion brands imitating her outfits just days after she wears them in post on her IG.


Kanye’s also heavily involved in shaping the vision for Kim’s cosmetic, fragrance, and accessory collections. She tells the NYT that there’s a “mood board” in couple’s “living room” that they’re constantly tweaking for inspiration.

Couple Goals indeed.

Meanwhile Keeping up with the Kardashians season 16 starts this week. Here’s a preview.

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