Why you keep attracting married men

Single woman, you want a good man but wondering why the men approaching are married. The following are probably the reasons why…


1. “You are beautiful”

Because you are good looking, married men will notice you.

2. “You are a flirt”

Married men looking for fun outside of marriage will pick up the vibe of a flirt and pursue her. You are inviting them.

3. “You are successful”

Because you are successful in your career, you are thrusted into positions in society that are largely dominated by married men. In running your business, you have to deal with married men who are the decision makers, making you within the reach of the married.

4. “You are surrounded by the married”

You probably frequent places where married men are found; whether at work, SACCOs, social events. Break from this monotony, go to where singles mingle.

5. “You are easy”

Married men looking for some fun will not even attempt pursuing a woman who can tell them off. They will avoid a no nonsense woman who will rebuke them but they will hunt after a single woman who is easy to fall prey.

6. “You appear as a damsel in distress”

Many married men have Superman syndrome. Because they are stable and successful, they feel they can use their money and influence to woo a single woman by helping her. They are the type who want to be a sponsor to a woman who is desperate enough to have an affair.

7. “You are mature in thought”

Married men have been exposed and their thinking is grown. Though you are single, you are attractive to some of them because you are deep. With you, they can talk about politics, business, the economy, and other deep stuff. Your mind is attractive, but find a single man who is mentally attractive, leave the marriage men to connect with their wives.

8. “You drink alot”

At the bar is where many married men hook up with single women. They offer to buy drinks to entice. Where you hang out will attract a certain kind of men.

9. “You intimidate unmarried men”

Perhaps you are so brilliant and progressive that unmarried men that are still trying to make it in life will be intimidated by you. But confident married men that are established feel they can handle you. Though do remember, not every single man is scared of your progress.

10. “You play along”

You are keen on being part of an affair because you find it thrilling. On the surface you lament why only married men are after you, but in secret you entertain married men.

11. “You are superficial”

Cars, a big house, easy money are the things that excite you, which are easily found in a married man that is already a made man. You don’t see the joy and fulfillment of loving a single man and building your own empire together from humble beginnings.

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