When breaking up is a good thing


1. Break up when the person you have been loving is married to another. Find your own life partner, having an affair is not love, it is cheating. Love doesn’t make you happy at the expense of another person’s marriage and happiness.

2. Break up when you are only being used for sex. You are not a sex toy, you deserve love not mere sex.

3. Break up when the relationship is leading you astray. The person you love has the greatest impact in your life, save yourself from ruining your life in the name of love.

4. Break up when your life is in danger in the relationship. Don’t stay in the name of love where you are being beaten, destroyed, chocked and attacked.

5. Break up when your lover is being unfaithful. You deserve better.

6. Break up when you are the only one in love in the relationship. Love will not happen if it is one-sided, don’t waste your time.

7. Break up when it’s clear you are being used. Once the person you are clinging to is done using you, you will be left deflated and wasted.

8. Break up when you are sure God is not pleased with the relationship you are in. Do it without God and it will fail.

9. Break up when it is clear you two are not compatible. A painful break up is better than years of life wasted living with the wrong one.

10. Break up because sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to set yourself free from where you shouldn’t be. It takes courage and hurt to end it, but you will not hold on to a better future if you won’t let go of what is bad for you.

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