#KorogaFestival Asa’s Top 10 songs we love

The very much anticipated The 25th Edition of The Koroga Festival Ladies Edition is around the corner and the million dollar question is, have you polished up your singing skills?

Headlined by Nigerian-French recording artist and singer-songwriter, ASA, pronounced “Àshá” and meaning “Hawk” she is promising to deliver a performance like no other. You have no excuse for not singing along to all her songs that she will deliver at Koroga going down on the 30 & 31 of March at Leisure Gardens, Mamba Village. For tickets, log onto http://www.korogafestival.co.ke/


Asa- 10 of the best.

Be my Man

It’s a good feeling knowing you belong to someone and they belong to you and you both declare it. Every day you wake up, you know he or she is yours. This one gets you on your feet dancing and shaking your body to the rhythm with your group of friends.


Bibanke, which she says, means when I cry, is truly a beautiful poetic love story. Love is a very beautiful thing but somehow somewhere it all goes wrong, leaves you broken holding onto something that ended ages ago but hey, you still love and want it so bad. This song leaves you in tears reminiscing about that dying love as you look out the window as it rains (beautiful tears, if that’s possible).

Satan be gone

Occasionally, we all have to go to church and Asa truly takes us right there along with her, as she delivers this catchy tune in the house of the Lord.  She credits New Orleans music as inspiration for the song.


This song will either find you finger-snapping or tapping your feet to the feel-good vibe you get as the acoustics hit the right nerve. It has a rock feel at some point with heavy metals that might need you to rise and stamp your feet hard.

Fire on the mountain

The perfect Karaoke song that finds the entire crowd singing and most importantly,  waving their hands in the air from side to side. She says the song title is a metaphor. “Whichever way you look at it, there’s fire—trouble. Things are not always rosy and things are not always beautiful. Every day we hear of bizarre things and we can’t help but wonder, “Where is this world going?” We have to remind ourselves of that sometimes.”

Ba Mi Dele

This song is about a woman who knows what she wants and deserves and is therefore not settling for less. Its a perfect reminder to settle only for your heart desires.

Why cant be 

The video gets you in such a good mood- so much color and good vibes all around. You cannot resist dancing along to it.

The one that never comes

There are times you just can’t let go of someone you used to love or still do, but he or she is gone. You keep holding on to something that already ended, knowing how hard it is let the ones we love go, but it is also necessary to do that in order to make your life and the life of those you love much better in the future. You stand at the door still hoping he or she will be back. Asa delivered such an excellent raw rich performance here.


This feel good head bumping Jam finds Asa in the video, walking through the streets of Lagos, home singing about her love for home. They certainly got it right when they said, east or west, home is best.



How many times does mama/ papa warn us about that love interest, but we still go ahead and fall in love only to be crushed so bad? Sometimes you just want to do it your way and go against whatever anyone tells you about him/ her even if it means getting hurt.



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