Keeping With the Times: The Evolution of Textured Paints and Finishes


In the minds of many, paints were initially manufactured to be used as a protection for surfaces whether it was wall surfaces or floor surfaces. At least that was what many perceived the manufacturing of paint to encompass. However, did you know that paint was in itself existent in the prehistoric period?

Far from the notion that it began being manufactured in the early 1900s, the paint did, in fact, exist as far back as two thousand years ago, it was predominantly common in the prehistoric ages, especially in places like the Indian continent, as well as the Egypt which is in Africa. At the time, paint was used in caves, and was often created by the infusion of soot, earth, ochre, animal blood and fatty oils just to paint the walls of the caves with symbols and animal inscriptions as well as signs to encircle the hieroglyphics alphabet which we can all agree has changed drastically over time.

But how does one transform paint into a subject of décor in their space? Textured finish paints. This type of paint adds dimension, vibrancy and gives an insight into your personal taste be it in the office or the home space. Textured paint was initially introduced by the Italians whose art was admired by many and in turn seen as unique. It was subsequently adopted by the Romans, who enhanced it by adding marble dust to give it a finer application over the coarser versions of paint that existed.

Today, textured paints have become an increasingly common phenomenon among home owners as well as construction companies in the Kenyan sphere as they are looking for more affordable ways to beautify their spaces. This has in turn inspired and influenced the use of textured paints for interior and exterior décor purposes especially in the real estate market in Kenya.

That being said, which modern-day textured paints are increasingly becoming best suited for interior décor purposes? With the interior of a home, one would expect warm, inviting and smoothly textured paints which exist locally as well as with technical affiliation with international companies that work in liaison with local paint manufacturers.

International paint manufacturers like San Marco from Italy and San Deco from Turkey partner with local paint manufacturers such as Basco Paints to create products that resemble traditional travertine marble and silky antique appeal. These finishes allow for use on both interior and exterior surfaces.

That said, one of the main reasons why external textured paints are on demand could be durability. The beauty of using textured paint is they do not peel off as easily as normal paints, thus it’s cheaper on the pocket because they last much longer

So, if you are looking for a paint to transform those surfaces that need to be inspiring and impressive, be it in the home space or the office space, you might want to consider textured paints. They truly do give one a beautiful value for money.

By Kamlesh Shah , Managing Director Basco Paints





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