Etiquette- 10 Tips for being a good dinner guest.

It’s the year 2019 and you have absolutely no excuse not to know the basic language of practicing good manners when invited over for lunch, drinks or dinner. Nothing drives a host up the wall than to have someone over who has no element of etiquette in them. This has nothing to do with being the life of the party. Each one of us must practice good manners. Below are reminders for you to take note of, in being a well-mannered guest next time you are invited over to someone’s house.

  1. You should always respond to the invitation and on time. Learn to RSVP and confirm your availability or not. If you are not sure, explain to your host in time too. This helps a lot in planning especially where numbers are involved.
  2. Please keep time on the said day/ night. Find out what time you are expected to arrive and try and make it between five to fifteen minutes early. If for some reason you are running late, please communicate to the host, so they know. It’s rude to just show up late to the venue without any explanation. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.
  3. Clean up, touch up and spruce up. Try to look presentable when going to your host. If there is a dress code, please find out from the host. Don’t show up looking out of place, like you just woke up.
  4. A guest never shows up empty-handed. Carry a gift with you. It’s an act of appreciation to the Host for the invitation. Always be thoughtful and keep your host in mind. The Thought counts.
  5. Please do not bring/ carry a plus one or two or three to the host’s house unless Your host says so/ permits. The invite is for one unless communicated otherwise. It is rude and improper to come with a guest/ stranger that was not accounted for. This also includes children and pets.
  6. Always ask your host if you can take a picture of their house/ surrounding before posting on any social media platform. Don’t assume everyone is OK with their house pics being posted on the internet.
  7. Only serve food that you can consume at a go. There’s plenty of food; you don’t need to have an overflowing. You can go for more servings later.
  8. If a spill or accident occurs, whereby something gets broken, alert the host. Don’t try to hide it. Apologize and help in cleaning/ bringing bac order.
  9. Do not get over the top drunk at the Host’s place and cause drama. If you can handle your drink, well and good. Drama and fights don’t look good.
  10. Finally, when all is said and done, Thank your Host. Send a Thank you note or sms or A phone call. Also please this December, let them know you got home safe and sound
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