12 Social media etiquette tips for couples

1. Don’t open up pseudo accounts or multiple accounts. What are you trying to hide? Your double life and flirtatious behaviour?

2. Don’t be on social media but deliberately block or refuse to be online friends with the same partner you are claiming you love and building a future with

3. Don’t flirt or comment suggestively on other people’s photos online, saying “I would love to hit that!”, “Nice thighs”, “That butt looks good”, “Sexy legs”. It shows disrespect to your partner

4. Don’t air your issues on social media. Don’t post parables and indirect messages hoping your partner will read and get the message. Solve issues privately

5. Don’t post things that will bring shame and embarrassment to your spouse and child, or things you will regret in future

6. Together agree how much you are going to expose the photos and videos of your young children on social media

7. If you will mention your partner on a post for he/she to come and read or see, check your tone, be courteous. Don’t mention your partner as if you are commanding him/her, don’t show the world that you order around your partner with words such as “Read this”, “Pitia hapa”, “Do as it says here”, “You have been told”.. Show some courtesy, either just simply mention your partner by name or with words such as “Darling, kindly read this. I found it helpful and insightful”

8. If your partner did mention you on a post for you to see, kindly make time to check out the post

9. Don’t call those of the opposite gender intimate names such as “Sweetheart”, “Darling”, “Honey”. You will make your partner insecure

10. Don’t use social media to destroy your own home through flirting with others on inbox

11. If you are OK posting pictures of and with others but not your partner, your partner will wonder why are you ashamed of being associated with him/her?

12. Do not show love publicly on social media for your partner if you are not treating your partner right in private. Stop putting up an act

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