Chu-Wöm, The hidden sushi gem in the Nairobi CBD

Chuwom from what I’ve come to learn is not a sushi joint, not even close. Hundreds’ of Kenyans use the “Chuwom” (not to make it sound like a lavatory) to get to hidden eating gems everyday.

I found myself at one of these chuwoms heading to what I thought was a new exclusive Sushi restaurant named Chu-WÖm. After extensive research (asking around the Capital office and google) I was so excited to find authentic Japanese and Korean cuisine in the CBD. I pride myself on being sushi lover, I literally think about it all the time, “how was I about to find my new lunch time spot?” Is all that was going through my mind.

I asked the basics “what’s the website called?” to which was replied “we’re building it for them”… “Who found this place?” I went as far as posting about this place, excited to share this hidden gem with my followers (my gullibility has likes and a few Dms a lifetime, as a reminder #fail).

I should probably tell you at this point, Chuwom is sheng for “back alley”. The Chu-Wöm I was so excited about. The new hidden sushi joint in the CBD. My new lunch time spot. It doesn’t exist.

In its place sits what only can be described as a “kibandaski”, “backstreet restaurant” or “hole in a wall”. California Rolls turned into cabbage, Sashimi into stew and and I was just so confused.
“Unataka nini,” two words that created that dropping feeling in my stomach. You see I’m a picky eater, very picky eater. The lovely lady was done reciting her menu and now it was time to chose… “Chapo na Stew…i guess”.

The food was…unique. I didn’t have to add salt which I always find a plus and the service was extremely fast. The price was fantastic for your wallet and the mango juice is something everyone should try. As for the food…It wasn’t my type of food. Warm soggy cucumbers should never make an appearance on any plate, ever! The meat was soft and seasoned, Chapati warm and fluffy and a balance of carbohydrates, meat and vegetable was great for the on the move worker.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at your own gullibility and humble ones “mababbie” tendencies. (Can someone make a sushi restaurant in the CBD though, asking for a friend).

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