Pantry Goals? These 10 Pantries are Giving us Major Organization Inspo

Flowers, a good cup of coffee and a neatly organized pantry can brighten your mood. Ok, a bag of chips and catching a beautiful sunrise every other day can do that too but let’s stick to pantries for now.

If you live in a rental apartment, chances are that you have a pantry. A not-so-cute pantry because it is just three thick shelves with the focal shelf set up at a right angle and looks exactly like all your neighbors’ pantries. Also, chances that your pantry is painted a ghastly off-white color is highly likely . Boring, uninspiring, dark, with potatoes, onions, bananas and sometimes even shoes and detergent strewn all over the tiny walk-in space kind of pantries are what we are used to. This is not acceptable! We never give our pantries much thought and instead use them as stores for keeping random things.

The above situation does not have to be the case though and I kid you not a well and neatly arranged pantry can brighten up your mood. Below are 10 pantries courtesy of @TheHomeEdit to give you inspo on how you can make your pantry part of your home’s attraction as well as help give you better days.

+ Yes, jars, wicker baskets and other storage containers (especially acrylic containers), are not cheap but here’s what, you can look at them as investments because if well cared for, they can last a very long time or you can re-sell them for some good money.



+In some instances  pantries are always left empty while the kitchen surfaces and counters are cluttered with items. How about finding a nice organizing tray and neatly arrange everything in your pantry . This will make your display more appealing and leave your kitchen counters looking bare but like that of a very well organized person.



+No one will ever fault you for having a lovely pantry, so why not invest in your pantry a little more? Give it a new design, with unique partitions that will give you a beautiful display.



+Tall Canisters help add height and attitude to your pantry. So, mix up the canisters, the baskets and jars and organize away!




+For a pristine look, work with similar items that are of the same color. Think white kitchen paper towel rolls and similar looking bottles, jars and lots of acrylic containers.



+How about wire shelving? We are not mad at them. They are so much better than the three, thick, off white , cement shelving that we are used to.

+BOOKS! Books will always work in decor and organization. Invest in cookbooks and food magazines and display them neatly in your pantry.

+Before going on your pantry organizing adventure, come up with a plan of what you want your pantry to look like. Look for inspiration, like for instance going through this article over and over again. This will make your work easier and enjoyable and the results will be bomb!

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