How to use spices in other ways


By Lyndy Mansfield

Moth proofing.  Those revolting, smelly moth balls can bite the dust. Simply tuck a few cloves into the pockets of your winter gear and make a sachet or two filled with cloves to hang in your cupboards. Cheerio to fish moths.

Whites whitener. Put a little cream of tartar into the water when you are washing whites. This is a super , cheap brightener.

Bye bye bugs. Mix a batch of sifted flour with black pepper and sprinkle all around your plants. Bugs and insects definitely do not like this. They will head off somewhere else.

Basil and tomato plants are most compatible friends. Basil is the knight in shining armour and when planted next to the tomato plants will drive away any tomato loving noo noos.

Sage and red ants. If you suddenly get an infestation of red ants, head for your herb garden and pick some sage. Chop it up and sprinkle where the ants have invaded. Ordinary ants hate bay leaves.

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