Hennessy Inspires creatives to Never Stop, Never Settle

Alexandre Helaine, Moet Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa (left) with Award-winning photographer Mutua Matheka.

You can do anything if you have the passion, the drive, the focus, the intention and the support in what you do. This was the message that was delivered last week when Hennessy Very Special launched the second installment of its distinctive brand campaign – Never Stop. Never Settle, at a well-attended event held at Aspire Centre, Westlands.

DJ Protege (left) with MC & Capital FM Presenter Amina Abdi (right).
Co founder & Senior Managing Director Reel Forge Media Inteligence Sammy Lusiola.
Blogger Leila Namisango.

Speaking during the creative entrepreneurship panel discussion, Moet Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa Alexandre Helaine noted that, through this campaign, Hennessy hopes to inspire creatives and future generations to follow their passions and pursue their dreams defining success in their own terms.

Alexandre Helaine, Moet Hennessy Market Manager Eastern Africa.
Radio Personality Patricia Kihoro

The new Hennessy Very Special campaign highlights eight real-life creative entrepreneurs from Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Ivory Coast, delving deep into each of their unique stories to discover how inner drive, confidence, passion, and talent can create chain reactions, and unite millions.

The event was attended by various leading personalities in the music, film, and media industries among them Patricia Kihoro, John Kaveke, Joy Mboya, Diana Opoti, Mwende Ngao, Lucia Musau, Emmanuel Jambo, and Amina Abdi.

Blogger Sheila Kingori (left) with Luxury Pr Consulant African Elite Group, Lucia Musau (right).
From left to right, Alexandre Helaine, Diana Opoti, Amina Abdi, Sammy Lusiola, Mutua Matheka and Joy Mboya.
Blogger Vonette Orimba.
Photographer Emmanuel Jambo.
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