5 Ways to achieve the Scandinavian design trend in your home

If you’re looking to redecorate or perhaps are moving into a new space soon, then chances are you’ve spent hours on Google and Pinterest, and the Scandinavian design trend must have popped into your radar.

Let’s face it, if given the choice, most of us would probably have 50 shades of a red, matte liquid lipstick in our makeup collection because we’re constantly being drilled into us that more is better. But those in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden seem to have adopted a lifestyle where the words enough, sufficient and adequate take precedence.

If the Scandinavian decor fits your aesthetic but are struggling to find out how to incorporate this clean, minimalistic design into your space, then here are six simple ways to do so.

Less is More

In a world where consumerism is the name of the game, Scandinavian décor is such a refreshing outlook. A good trick to keep your space clean and uncluttered is to take one thing out. One less book on the shelf, one less chair, one less plant will ultimately leave your space feeling fresh and clean.

Mute the Colours

We all know by now that colours play a big role in determing your mood. Soothing shades of whites and greys will keep your space feeling fuss-free and open. They’ll also help to make your mood more calm and centered.

Be One with Nature

A lot of natural elements find their way into your home when Scandinavian design is concerned so be prepared to incorporate lots of wood, linen, plant life and natural light. This allows your space to have an outdoor feel and bring some warmth into your home.

Play with Textures

Sometimes this decorating design can be a little sterile so a good way to inject warmth back into your space is through textures. For instance, you can incorporate both leather and linen chairs to add some personality into your living room or you could also throw a faux wool rug over a wooden chair. These little design tricks will keep your home still feeling cosy and inviting.

Dress your Walls

Just because your floor plan is left uncluttered doesn’t mean you ought to forget your walls. You can incorporate a bit of colour through art (blue seems to be a Scandinavian favourite) as well as let your personality shine through your art choices. A great place to start would be your local vendors – see what they’ve got going and don’t be afraid to embrace some fun prints and dark colours too.

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