Millennial Dating | Are you a Sneator, Zombie or in a Birdbox Relationship?

If you thought modern dating is hard, imagine keeping up with millennial dating slang!

Even though millennials are the ones coming up with these terms, it’s important that other generations keep up because you might want to know about all the ways you might be dumped this year.

If you haven’t been keeping up with all the lingo, here you go.


The oldest trick in the book.

This is when the person you have been dating suddenly ceases communication and disappears with no explanation whatsoever. No text, no call, nothing.

Ghosters avoid the “This isn’t working conversation.”


As if being ghosted isn’t complicated enough, just when you’ve come to terms with the fact the person you were dating dropped you like a hot potato, they light up your phone with a text or phone call.

Just like a zombie returning from the dead!


Going out with someone purely for the free food.

Guilty as charged?


An equally frustrating dating trend where someone lets the other down without actually telling them. Curvers are known to respond to text messages days, even weeks later. They always respond with an apology: “I’m so sorry I’m only getting back to you now because {Insert terrible excuse here}

If all these sounds familiar, you’ve been curved!


Inspired by pop star Ariana Grande. Her Thank you, next song celebrates the end of a relationship and chooses to move forward without any bitterness.

This might be the only healthy trend you should adopt in 2019.


Judging from the name, you obviously don’t want to be in someone’s pocket.

If you have been going out with someone for months and you haven’t met even one of his or her friends or family members, then you have been pocketed.


This is when someone ghosts you but still keeps up with your life on social media. Orbiters avoid engaging in direct communication and interact with you in a superficial way like liking your pictures, watching your Instagram stories and sliding into your DM.


Gone are the simple days when all you had to do to get someone’s attention is talk to them. Instagrandstand-ers typically prefer to take the long route and curate an Instagram feed with one person in mind by posting pictures that will get their attention.


Named after popular Netflix show Bird Box, you know you have been bird boxed if you’re the only one who cannot see just how bad your partner is.

Cookie Jarring

This is the practice of having a ‘back up’ partner and putting them in a reserve position while you’re dating someone else.

With someone in your cookie jar, if the main relationship doesn’t work out, you have a back-up plan.

We agree that this is all too much so we’ll leave you here but let us know which of these heinous acts you have committed and those that have been done to you.

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