Fashion High Tea 2019: The 16 SLAY looks that straight up WOWED us.

Fashion High Tea 2019; Sassy

The 9th edition of Fashion High Tea 2019 was simply unforgettable, and it did not disappoint. Think of it this way. Have you ever walked into an event and your jaw literally drops at the sight of all walking past you in their best fabrics? You almost want to stand next to them permanently so their style rubs on you too. That is what Fashion High Tea does to you. Affectionately referred to as “Nairobi’s biggest fashion event,” it has become the pinnacle of iconic style. It is safe to say no other glamorous event has cemented its place in the society calendar of Nairobi like Fashion High Tea has.

Traditionally held on the second weekend of February, every one who steps foot at the event will most certainly look gorgeous and all for a worthy cause. What many don’t know is that Fashion High Tea is a fund-raising benefit event for different charities selected every year. Let me take you on a journey of the best looks that simply took my breathe away (photos courtesy of Capital Lifestyle).

Charlie’s Angels Formation Squad. Enough said. The Koech sisters killed it.
Very Macho and only a confident man can pull it off. Well done Mr Kagwe Mungai.
If you have it, flaunt it. This piece naturally brought out Natalie Tewa’s curves equally balanced out. We love.
Best dressed man without a doubt. That floral suit is in season, and Jayson Mbogo carried it confidently
Capital FM’s Anita Nderu was ready for her red carpet status. And that look and pause said it all- stunning.
The little black dress always a safe bet with a smile to boot.
You can’t go wrong with this classic pairing- Dress Shirt with the Blazer. Rnaze Mukiibi did justice to that Look.
Founder of modelling agency Mochez, Dorothy Oliech was walking and dancing on sunshine.
The look, the pearls, the hat; too fierce. Maureen Foley nailed this look like a Boss Lady. That’s why she is a bawse lady.
There’s no deny that the animal print is a timeless classic and Winnie Kenduiywa pulled it off well.
A clean, and elegant style like royalty. Perfect combination of the colors.
A shimmering statement on its own. Bringing the red carpet to our doorstep.
Augustine Dundos. Dapper. Dapper. Dapper. (photo courtesy of 99thsense).
If you got it, flaunt it. The ‘Angelina leg’ pose will never go out of fashion. That leg Lola Hannigan displayed, almost stole the show.
The lady in red is dancing with me…….Stunning.
The fascinators, the skin glow, and showing a little skin don’t hurt nobody. Smoookkin! Lola Hannigan and her squad are goals.
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