17 truths about chores between couples

1. Just because a woman doesn’t know how to cook or doesn’t enjoy cooking doesn’t mean she is not wife material. Marriage is about companionship, cooking skills can be acquired

2. There are some chores a woman does, not because she enjoys them but because they must be done, thank her for them and appreciate her effort

3. Don’t be the husband who sits lazy in the house with your legs up as you watch TV or scroll your phone yet your wife works in the house. When you were a bachelor, you used to take care of your house. Help each other out. It’s both your home

4. There are men who love cooking at home, that doesn’t make them less of a man

5. If you have a career wife, remember she comes home from work tired just as you. It is not fair you let her do everything yet it is your home too

6. Smart couples use chores to bond, to work together, to be naughty, to grow closer. Be a smart couple. Play some music, divide responsibilities, two are better than one for they have a better reward for their labour

7. If you expect great sex from your wife, help her out at home. Don’t watch her work herself to exhaustion as you chill in bed then expect her to be charged up to jump on you yet you make her feel abandoned

8. The house is both the responsibility of the husband and the wife

9. Husbands who play no role in taking care of the home are the easiest to come home late and turn their family home into a lodge where they just come to sleep and change clothes. The garden that a man works on he loves to inhabit in

10. Find meals that will be your specialty to make. You can be the one who specialises in ugali, or meat, or salads. Find a speciality that even your children will love it when you prepare it

11. Tell each other thank you when the chores are done

12. Ladies, don’t negatively critic how your man helps out in the chores, it will discourage him

13. Husbands, don’t wait till your wife is heavily pregnant to help out at home. If you can help when she is pregnant, it means that you have it in you to help

14. If you hire a househelp, hire one that will not tempt the husband and that will respect the wife

15. If you hire a househelp, give the househelp proper instructions that you both have agreed upon

16. Use your masculine strength to do the difficult chores at home. Be the hero in your own household

17. A woman who gets appreciated and is granted faithfulness loves to do more for the home

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