Making sense of scents: Tips to make you smell super sexy

Whether you are in the market for a new fragrance or found your scent that has been a staple on your dresser for the last couple of years or you’ve kept fragrances on your dresser for the last couple of years because what you sprayed at the store and what it smells like now just makes no scent sense? Turns out there is more to the to the composition of the scent you wear, where you should wear it and where you should store it and for how long. Here is the smelling good recipe broken down;

What exactly am I buying?

You have been dousing yourself, your clothes and your hair for years with this lovely smelling composition of bottled ingredients, sold at bank breaking prices or a steal of a deal.

Did you know that the different perfume types vary in scent duration, fragrance concentration and alcohol percentage?

Parfum & Eau de Parfum have the highest fragrance concentration which means they contain less alcohol in their composition. These two are great options for individuals who have sensitive skin because of the low alcohol content therefore it does not dry out skin. They are also the preferred composition of ingredients for night wear.

Parfum lasts about six to eight hours while Eau de Parfum lasts four to five hours. The latter is more affordable though, suitable for everyday use and is one of the most common fragrance types.

Eau de toilette has a higher alcohol percentage and a lower fragrance concentration, this is the reason why the scent only lasts about two to three hours, is cheaper than the above and is considered better for day wear.

Eau de cologne on the other hand has the lowest fragrance concentration compared to the above and the highest alcohol concentration. It generally lasts up to two hours, is pocket friendly and is packaged quite generously because higher quantities are needed to get the scent to last.

Where should I spray my perfume?

Body heat activates perfume, target warm areas of your body and pulse points. Spray your inner elbow, the back of your ears, the back of your knees, your ankles, your neck, underneath your boobs and your wrists. Please do not rub your wrists after spraying them because this makes the top notes of your fragrance evaporate faster hence reducing the duration your scent will be on you.

Pick two or three of the above points, you don’t want to smell like you marinated yourself in perfume. Spraying when you are fresh out the shower helps the scent stay longer because your skin is moisturized.

Another tip is applying Vaseline on the points you want to spray or a similar scented lotion or unscented lotion. Moisturized skin retains the scent more than dry skin.

Instead of spraying your hair directly because this may damage your hair if you are not using a fragrance designed for hair, spray your hair brush before combing your hair.

Be careful not to spray oil based fragrances on certain clothes as the fabric will stain.

Understanding notes.

Fragrances comprise of three different notes which during their duration on your skin peel off like layers. This is the reason why it is advisable not to buy a fragrance you are smelling for the first time off the whim. The top note is what you small first when you spray the fragrance, this layer consists of the citruses, light florals and powdery scents. This layer evaporates quickly making way for the middle or heart notes as they are called, these are usually heavier florals, the heaviest scent that lingers the longest is the base note, these are bold, smokey woods and leathery scents.

Once you pinpoint what family of scents appeal to you and your personality, whether floral, oriental, chypre, fresh, oceanic, green, fougere or wood. The scents you test at the store, allow them to set during the day or evening then decide based on the final note if you still love the fragrance or not.

Lastly, how you store your fragrance will determine its longevity.

There is a myth that if you store your fragrances in the refrigerator they will last longer. This however only applies to colognes and some body splashes so for the sake of being safe, keep your Eau de parfums, Parfum and Eau de toilette in places that do not have extreme heat or cold air. Just cool and dark places like your dresser drawers, cupboards and dark closets. Away from direct sunlight and away from window sills and bathrooms because of the moisture and warmth.

Enfin, with this information in mind! Go forth and conquer the world of fragrances and turn some heads and get some hugs while at it!

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