7 Easy ways to create a feature wall in your home

A feature wall (also known as an accent wall) is a design trick said to have grown in popularity in the 90s as an effortless way to inject personality and style into your home. Whether you do so through colour or material, the aim is to create a statement through design and add a fun perspective to a room.

What makes it so endearing is the fact that it allows you to try a daring design on a more forgiving scale. Can you imagine putting that bold palm leaf print on every single wall of your apartment? No? Well, neither can we. Placing it on a single wall though is a whole different story.

If you’re unsure about which wall you should make your accent wall, pick the one that your eye is naturally drawn to when you walk into a room or the one that receives the most natural light.

There are several ways to generate high impact through feature walls and we’ve rounded up six easy and relatively inexpensive ways to do so.


Needless to say, the quickest and easiest way to pack a punch to any wall would be through paint. If your interior décor style falls under the eclectic or midcentury spectrum, try going for a dark hue. This would work especially well if natural light is in abundance. But even if you opt for a more subtle colour like grey, paint is still a great, transformative tool.


Many believe that the most chic way to add a statement is through wallpaper and given the various textures, colours and prints available, we can see why. Best part is there are many removable wallpapers popping up in the market making it most ideal for renters.

A tip to bear in mind would be to use at least one colour from the wallpaper in other décor pieces (e.g. throws or pillows) so as to create a cohesive story.

Floating shelves

This happens to be the perfect option for anyone looking for more storage solutions. Not only do they add a statement to your home, but they also allow you to maximize on space. This would be a great way to display your impressive book collection or trinkets from around the world.


Looking for a sexy accent wall? Mirrors should do the trick! Best part is that they’ll also make your home look twice the size (perfect for small apartments) and bring in lots of light too.

A quick tip: paneled mirrors will give it a more chic, hotel-like effect.


You know those family pictures and gorgeous art you’ve been collecting for years that happened to be scattered around your home? We’ve got two words for you: gallery wall.

If your not sure where to start when picking art, see our previous article sharing 6 great tips.

Decorative molding

One of the best ways to recreate that sophisticated, hotel ambiance we all try to mimic in our own homes, is through panel molding.

Click here for a quick tutorial on how to recreate this regal design trick.


If you happen to have an open plan kitchen that leads into another part of your home, then why not make the backsplash an accent wall? You can tile the entire wall and create a breathtaking impact in what’s considered the soul of your home.

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