When you outgrow the club…


People do grow up. There comes a time when going to the club is no longer attractive.

1. A time when instead of shouting over each other amidst the loud music in the club, you prefer chilling out in a calm place where you can have mature conversations.

2. A time when instead of looking forward to the weekend so that you go club hopping, you plan a road trip with friends, to travel and see the world.

3. A time when a girl no longer finds it fun to dance with hunks in the club, twerking for and on horny men to get attention as “The sexiest girl in the club” She prefers to dance suggestively only with her man behind closed doors.

4. A time when a woman will take it as an insult when a man’s idea of taking her out, is taking her to the club. She wants to be treated as a woman, not a girl; to go where women go and leave the girlish ways behind.

5. A time when the shallow music playing in clubs, singing and rapping about money, flossing, swag, stealing another person’s lover, glorifying casual sex; those songs no longer appeal to you. You are too grown, building a future and a family. You prefer going to venues where mature music is played, deep poetry is recited, good theatre is performed and people dance to warm music that celebrates real love.

6. A time when free entry clubs where a DJ mixes hits that music charts from foreign countries tell us they are the songs to shape our pop culture; that kind of stuff is no longer your thing. You prefer paying to go to events where live music is played, your taste in music matches the growth of your mind.

7. A time when your idea of a good night is relaxing with your loved one or family at home. There’s nothing like good old family time.

8. A time when a woman no longer dresses up in the most revealing clothes, most scandalous outfit and most bitchy attitude to make an impression on strangers in the club. She prefers to dress up for her man and go out for an intimate date in a place where the focus is just two of them.

9. A time you realize competing who can drink the most, make the loudest noise and cause the most mayhem in the club is childish.

10. A time when a rich man no longer goes to a club to check out girls and buys them drinks expecting sexual favors from them in return, he doesn’t attach how great a man he is buying drinks in order to gain status around fake friends who are only with him because of his money. No, he’d rather invest his money on more important things.

11. A time when a woman doesn’t dress up desperately to look for male sponsors in the club. She is too dignified and knows that how she projects herself determines what kind of men she attracts. She works hard and makes her own money, she has time only for men who value her, not those who use her.

12. A time when going to a noisy club full of strangers, where you have to watch over your belongings and bare the risk of your drink being spiked is no longer enticing. You’d rather call your friends to your home for a house party where you get to have real fun till morning, talking, laughing, roasting meat, eating.

13. A time when the idea of driving drunk from the club just to show how “bad” you are is no longer fun, it is stupid and dangerous.

14. A time when being a parent is more fulfilling than being a club party animal.

15. A time you prefer waking up with no hangover, no headaches, no bad breath and no memory loss. Stories of drunk behavior in the club are beneath you.

16. A time when your family sees you more than the bar tender and the club folks. It is better to miss in action in the club, than to miss in action in your relationship/marriage/family.

17. A time when a man no longer fancies going to the club to check out and pick up women. He has eyes for only one woman.

18. A time when the floor in the house is the dance floor, you both dance till you break a sweat, away from the crowd in clubs.

19. A time when you enjoy the natural night life with your lover as you stare at the sky next to a romantic lit bonfire; instead of the usual man-made stone structures that are clubs.

20. A time when spending quality time with the VIP in your life, is more important than smoking and drinking in the VIP section of a club.

Life is all about stages and growth. As your age advances, advance too. Some are ruining themselves, their relationships, their marriages because they have refused to grow up!

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