Every man has “man-up” moments


It’s one thing to be a male, it’s another to be a man. We need more men in society who will man-up.

1. Men who will man-up and tell off the hungry opportunistic women who want to destroy his relationship/marriage. Sometimes what an immature woman needs to sober up, is a mature man who will tell her “No, keep off my relationship/marriage”.

2. Men who will man-up and say to the woman, we are not ready to be parents so let’s use contraceptives; not men who enjoy unprotected sex then abandon the woman as soon as she gets pregnant.

3. Men who will man-up and even if he gets a child with a woman and he separates with that woman, he will still be active in that child’s life. He will not keep the child sired in a past relationship a secret from the next woman he will date and marry.


4. Men who will man-up and be responsible with their penis. If there is one weapon that has hurt women, it is the penis; when the man uses it recklessly. Unfaithfulness is painful.

5. Men who will man-up when their tempers rise and keep from insulting and physically abusing the woman in anger. Even if she is on the wrong and attacks him, he mans-up and shows her a better way. He is emotionally stable even if she slips and becomes a wreck.

6. Men who will man-up and not take advantage of a vulnerable woman at her weakest. Instead, he covers her, speaks life to her, becomes a brother and friend to lean on not a vulture that preys on a woman going through a trying season.

7. Men who will man-up and tell the woman the truth instead of wasting her time building false hope as he plays with her emotions. Women value honesty no matter how painful, if he tells her the bitter truth she will be strong and move on respecting him for that.


8. Men who will man-up and marry his woman rather than casually live with her in the same house. She is not necessarily asking for a big wedding, she just needs your official commitment to marriage witnessed by family, close friends and God. You claim to love her so give her a firm foundation for a future, commit to her publicly, a queen deserves better.

9. Men who will man-up when their male friends mislead them. Men who would rather side with their wife and children than male friends who don’t always mean well. Friends can be changed but marriage and family is a lifetime commitment.

10. Men who will man-up and turn off pornography because he sees it is damaging and cheapening his sex life with his wife. It breaks her heart to see him lusting over strangers, looking at strangers with desire more than he looks at her.

11. Men who will man-up and end or control their alcohol intake. Man-up and not be wasted by booze, man-up and refuse to drive drunk because he wants to live long enough for his future and family.


12. Men who will man-up and save their relationship/marriage when the reality of its collapse is imminent. Often times, relationships/marriages fail because of the wrong the man does or the right he doesn’t do.

13. Men who will man-up and look after the woman he pursued and proposed to even after she said yes. Even years later he should rise to the role of protector of her heart.professionals-kissing

14. Men who will man-up and not be quick to say “I love you”, quick to make promises or vows; but when he does, he means it. A man of his word.

15. Men who will man-up and end wars not start them. A man’s greatest ammunition is his reasoning, he sits people down and reasons with them to a solution. War mongering is for weak men who can’t man-up to higher ideals.

16. Men who will man-up and mentor the young because he governs himself well.


17. Men who will man-up, save and invest in his children’s future and the world’s future not squander it.

18. Men who man-up against their pride and ego and live according to love. Man-up and allow themselves to love and be loved.

19. Men who will man-up and do more than dream but work on their vision, never lazy.

20. Men who will man-up and own up to their mistakes, man-up and ask for forgiveness. Too many people are hurting in this world (children, women and other men) yet all they need is for a man who did wrong to say “I am sorry” – the power of an apology.

21. Men who will man-up and build, nurture, create; not tear down. Men who leave a legacy and are a blessing.

22. Men who will man-up and bow down before God, because his manliness is best expressed in the Creator who made him a man.

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