Signs he will make a good husband


1. “He has a good relationship with his admirable dad”

If his dad is a good husband and father and he looks up to his dad, chances are he will be like his dad.

2. “He separates himself from bad examples”

If his father was absent in his life or his father did things he is ashamed of, he grows up forgiving his dad, respecting his dad but also not wanting to be like his dad.

3. “He mentors and teaches men younger than him”

A man who mentors others pushes himself to always be a good example.

4. “He is not swayed by public pressure”

In marriage, many men mess up their families because of following trends, pressure to please friends or wanting to project a certain image to fit in society.

5. “His close male friends are of good repute”

Look at the company he keeps close, that will indicate the caliber of man he is.

6. “He treats every woman with respect”

Be suspicious of a man who treats his woman well but treats other women like crap, soon, he will treat his woman like crap.

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7. “He is good with children even those not his”

How he values and is responsible with other people’s children prepares himself to value his own.

8. “He is protective of his name”

A man who upholds his name will keep a good character, after all, the wife and children will carry his name.

9. “Marriage is his idea too”

Many men are forced into marriage, either because the woman got pregnant or the woman pressured him to propose to her after they dated for so long. Is it his idea to marry you lady, or is it only yours? A man who willfully pursues a woman to marry her and is the one excited about marriage will almost certainly make sure he lives up to being a good husband. Where a man takes himself he performs well and gives his all.

10. “He lived an honorable life as a single man”

A single man who lives in a manner that shows he is keeping and preparing himself for that one special woman will make a good husband. To him, being a husband is a big deal.

11. “He treats the lady well as they date”

A man who acts like a faithful husband even before he marries the woman will make a good husband. But if he is insulting her, cheating on her, rejecting her and taking her for granted when they are dating; he will most likely insult her, cheat on her, reject her and take her for granted when married.

12. “He treats his mother with love and respect

A man who appreciates his mother will appreciate his wife.

13. “He loves God”

Marriage is God’s idea. A man who wants to engage in this idea led by the Creator of this idea will strive to please God. The more a man loves God, the more he loves his wife.balck-man

14. “He sees the woman as an equal partner”

This kind of man will not dictate or lord over the woman, it will not always be his way, he will consult his wife, learn from her and teach her too.

15. “He is her best friend”

Lady if he is not only your lover but your best friend too, he will be a best friend till the end. Best friends are real with each other, honest, loyal, fun, thoughtful. Take away the romance and things that lovers do, are you and him best friends?

16. “He uses his past to learn”

Maybe he messed up in his past relationships, or his past relationships taught him alot. If he paid attention to the lessons learned, he will be a wise husband.

17. “He is disciplined”

A man who has control over himself will make a good husband. He is not given to addictions. How can a man lead a family, if he cannot lead himself?

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