Naomi Campbell to star in Equinox Hotels campaign

Naomi Campbell has teamed up with fitness company Equinox to promote their first ever Equinox Hotel in a new film.

The 48-year-old supermodel has teamed up with the fitness company and is starring in a new film by SHOWstudio’s Nick Knight to promote the first Equinox Hotels and intended to highlight the company’s “high-performance living.”

The hotels will embody the same holistic philosophy as Equinox Fitness Clubs and wants to redefine “the concept of luxury travel as a seamless extension of a life well-lived”.

In a statement, Naomi said: “I’ve been a long-time admirer of Equinox and how they have set up their brand as a lifestyle that promotes health, wellness and immense attention to detail.

“This is something I can certainly identify with and was proud to be a part of. Hotels are an obvious extension of this brand”

The film is split into three parts showing Movement, reflecting the hotels’ unique Equinox fitness offerings, Nutrition, a nod to the hotels’ dining philosophy of healthy indulgence and regeneration, which demonstrates the brand’s commitment to “owning sleep like no other hotel before”.

Speaking on the film concept Nick explained: “When I think of Equinox the brand, and specifically the hotel, I think about pushing human experience and pushing boundaries, testing limits, who better to represent this than Naomi Campbell.

“I wanted Naomi to have something to push against. A virtual version of herself and all that makes Naomi, Naomi.”

Christopher Norton, CEO of Equinox Hotels, added that the new luxury travel concept is: “Redefining the concept of luxury we are uniquely qualified to deliver what this new consumer wants, encompassing world-class service and design with unparalleled fitness offerings.”

The first Equinox Hotel will open in New York this summer.

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