The 49 Laws of Love and Money

Couple counting money

Money use, lack of or abundance of is one of the biggest threat to a fruitful love life and marriage yet it is something easily manageable when simple rules are followed..

1. Don’t judge the suitability of a partner based on their financial strength when you meet, you might miss out on true love because your focus is money. Someone who is with little today can be rich tomorrow.

2. Man, don’t go into debt just because you want to impress a woman. If she will not love you for who you really are, she doesn’t deserve you.

3. Lady, being a gold-digger only cheapens yourself. You have brilliant brains and potential, you can make your own money.

4. Man, don’t be intimidated by a woman who has more money than you. She is looking for a man who will love her, not an ATM machine; she can take care of herself, she sees you as the man who understands her and loves her. Society sees her as just a rich diva but you see more to her, you make her feel like a woman, you give her something money cannot buy.

5. They say no romance without finance, but actually romance can cause financial increase. When two lovers are in true love and focused on a future together, that love inspires them to work harder. Men get motivated by love when there is a woman who gives them a challenge to rise, the two have a greater reward for their labour.

6. Wealth is easy to get if you are both patient and apply financial discipline. The wealthy people are just like you, you two can make it too.

7. A date doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many places, many things you two can do that costs no more or little money.

8. Man, be honest with your woman about your financial status from the beginning and as you love along, she will understand. Many men feel under pressure to always appear financially strong but sometimes dry spells come, allow her to walk with you and love you when you have plenty and also little.

9. Lady, know your man’s pocket and be sensitive. Don’t demand him to give you a lifestyle he cannot afford. Don’t stress him and stretch him just to provide for your superficial life.


10. Pray together for your finances. It is God who gives the power to create wealth. God will give you life and make you see opportunities for money making.

11. Talk about money when dating, before marriage and during marriage. Let this be an easy topic to discuss, don’t complicate it.

12. Man, it is OK for your woman to take you out on a date. Sometimes a woman wants to treat her man.

13. Lady, when on a date with your man and he cannot foot the bill, give him the money to pay, it makes him comfortable around you.

14. Man if your woman is rich, don’t be lazy and live off her wealth. Man up, work hard, make an effort, there is joy in financially contributing in your relationship/marriage.

15. Don’t marry for money, if you do so, once you get the money your marriage will lack meaning, marry for love.

17. Don’t have an expensive wedding at the expense of your marriage. Have a wedding within your means. Don’t have a show off wedding only for you two to enter in a financially struggling marriage, your marriage is more important.

18. Man, remember dowry is not payment. You are not buying your wife but honoring her parents. So don’t treat her badly because you feel you ‘own’ and ‘bought’ her.

19. There will always be someone more wealthy than your spouse, don’t belittle your spouse just because he/she doesn’t have as much. Don’t compare your spouse to outsiders.

20. Don’t be lured to cheat on your lover with someone who has more money.

21. Invest together as a couple. Build a joint empire.

22. Remember your first financial duty is to your family, before you throw away money outside and help others to impress the public, make sure the needs of your family are met.

23. Keep your in-laws and parents from forcing financial decisions on you. Yes, support them and give but stand your ground, you and your spouse make the decisions.

24. Having children is expensive, plan and save for it. Save for your child/children’s needs, education and talent nurturing. Family planning, parenthood should be enjoyable, lead your marriage.

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