Avocados partner with prestigious 2019 Michelin Star Revelation For France

The World Avocado Organization (WAO) is pleased to announce its partnership with Michelin Guide of France for their prestigious 110th annual revelation ceremony in Paris, France on January 21, 2019. The avocado is the first produce item to ever be invited to collaborate with the Michelin Guide for France –a first in the global fruit and vegetable category.

With 2019 avocado consumption in the European market expected to increase to 1.7 billion pounds, this partnership truly highlights the astonishing growth (65% in the past two years) of the world’s favorite superfood. This superfood can be found on the menus of many renowned restaurants, from informal to Michelin-starred around the world!

On the occasion of the 110th Annual Ceremony the avocado will be present and the brand ambassador to the WAO, FoodDeco of Holland, will create the first ever edible Michelin Star sculpture made entirely of fresh avocados. WAO also plans to unveil the first ever avocado beer in France during the event. The avocados provide the beer with a creamy texture and flavor, offering a unique taste and sensory experience.

A special edition of the 2019 MICHELIN Guide for France will also be created to celebrate the unique partnership. “The guide’s cover will fuse the traditional red color of the iconic guide with the green color of the avocado,” stated Xavier Equihua. “In honor of the event we are also creating a special edition cookbook dedicated to cooking with avocados – a first of its kind in the world.”

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