Bring colour in your life with Plascon Colour Run

Scientists have shown that colour can impact how we feel. Whether it’s the colour of your walls are the artwork you hang, colour can shift out moods; so why not literally “colour your world” with a Colour Run?

The 5km Plascon Colour Run uses coloured powder to demonstrate the diversity of a rainbow to encourage cohesion amongst Kenyans, the event also seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle by making physical activity fun!

Now in its 3rd edition, the Plascon Colour Run was first introduced in June 2017 and aims to fundraise for the registered Community Based Organization (CBO) “Sports for Change”, which sponsors the education of disadvantaged but academically gifted students.

With no timers, it is truly the happiest and most colourful 5km run in the world!

Cohesion with Colour

There was apprehension in the air. He looks like he’s ready to whip some powder at me – avoid him. I glanced over at the table lined with bags of neon-coloured powder. Gosh, there’s so much powder!

My colleagues, all dressed in pristine white t-shirts gathered around as our Managing Director gave an inspired speech during our End-Of-Year Party in December. We all knew that after the speech, it was game time. We were going to engage in our own mini Plascon Colour Run to instill a sense of team cohesion. All gloves would be off and no one would be safe.

What about my hair? Is it edible? Will it hurt? I was tough on my colleague earlier in the year, she’ll probably come get me…wait, where’s so-and-so, he blocked my proposal, I need to get him! She stole my client! It’s on!

“3, 2….1!” The emcee shouted.

At first, it seemed like everyone had a target. All of us ran and threw powder with a purpose, but soon, in the clouds of pink, yellow and green, aim didn’t really matter. Some colleagues managed to evade most of the chaos, but teams organically formed with a mission to dust them with colour too. No one remained with a white t-shirt, not even our Managing Director. Soon, I was surrounded by euphoria and the brightest neon-coloured smiles.

We let off steam and the mini Plascon Colour Run created an environment conducive to collaboration and where our team spirit was birthed without pressure.

Colour Your World

Whether it’s the world’s happiest 5km or a private colour event, Plascon can Colour Your World. If you’d like more information, details can be found at both and


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